Guild Charter
Endgame - Guild Charter

Endgame - Guild Charter

Originally Conceived:  9-18-2008
 Last Updated: 6-23-2015
By: Radriegal


This is the founding and organizing document of Endgame.  It is subject to change.  Any changes to the document will be noted on the guild forums for current members.


Table of Contents:

     I.    Origins

    II.    Statement of Intent

  III.    Requirements

   IV.    Rules of Conduct

a.     Timeliness and Preparedness

b.    Raid Selection Process

c.     Waitlist

d.    Respect

e.    Public Image

f.      Miscellaneous Issues

g.    Castigation

    V.    Ranks

   VI.    Recruiting Policy

 VII.    Changing Main Characters

VIII.    Loot Policy

   IX.    Guild Bank Policy



I. Origins:


Endgame was founded on May 18th, 2007.  It was originally designed as a "comfortable raiding guild" dedicated to seeing new content in a friendly environment.  Endgame has continued that mission while expanding mightily and progressing rapidly.  Even through rapid expansion and minor organizational changes, Endgame has weathered every storm of guild relations with grace and poise.  We are the fastest learning and most adaptable group of people you'll meet in WoW, and we have fun while doing it!



II. Statement of Intent:


Endgame is, first and foremost, a progression raiding guild.  Our primary goal is to see new content and defeat new bosses.  It is crucial, however, that we do this as people and not as machines.  Endgame's driving forces are the relationships created by playing together and working through new content together.  We have demonstrated that the ideas of "family, relaxed guilds" and "progression raiding guilds" can work together effectively.  Therefore, we will focus on tackling new bosses together, but we will do so with friendliness and respect. While there will never be yelling in an Endgame raid, we can almost guarantee you laughter.


While we do organize and encourage participation in all raid content the primary focus of this guild will always be directed toward the highest level of progression content. We will strive to defeat all available content prior to the release of subsequent patches and we will not shy away from difficult encounters.



III. Requirements:


As Endgame is a progression raiding guild, we expect our members to be dedicated to that purpose.  While there are currently no requirements on raid attendance, we expect our members to be able to show at least some consistent availability to raid.  If you don't expect that on average you will be able to sign up for 2 raid nights a week, Endgame may not be the place for you.  


While our atmosphere is casual and friendly, we also expect our members to take raiding seriously.  It is required that you arrive at each raid on time and fully prepared.  That means extensive knowledge of the encounters, fully repaired with reagents, food/water, potions, flasks, buff food, off spec gear sets, etc.  This also means you have internet connection issues under control and all necessary add-ons enabled before you zone in.  We try desperately to respect your time and end the raid by 9:00pm server time.  Please respect everyone else's time and be ready to pull at 6:00pm server time.


We also require members to demonstrate respect and decorum at all times.  We have a zero tolerance policy for guild drama.  If you have an issue with someone or something in the guild, it is imperative that you bring the matter to a director immediately, and trust that the directors will discuss and attempt to help resolve the issue in the best interest of the guild.  Ultimately, however, everyone in Endgame is an adult and should be responsible for handling their own interpersonal issues with tact and aplomb.  We require that you like to have fun, and do what you can to make that happen for everyone in the guild.  This also presupposes a sacrificial attitude.  There are many members of Endgame that might have gotten all the gear they could possibly need out of a given instance.  We expect those members to continue signing up for raids even when there will be no personal benefit to them, in order to help other members complete the content, complete achievements and continue acquiring gear.  Indicating in your sign up note that you are willing to sit out for others is more than welcome (and is, in fact, encouraged.)



IV. Rules of Conduct




If you are approved for a raid, you are expected to be ready for an invite to the raid group 15 minutes prior to raid start time and be inside the instance at the buff location before first pull (exceptions can be made, but only through approval by the Directors).  If you sign up for a raid, you are expected to be available if approved and able to stay all the way until the end of raid time, barring an actual RL emergency.  If you will be late, you are expected to indicate that in your signup note.  Failure to be ready for an invite, ready to pull (including FULL preparation as listed above), or changing your approved signup to unable to attend without notice may result in deduction of DKP, or a temporary raid suspension.


Raid selection process


Our raid selection process is focused primarily on ability and success, not rank or seniority. Raid group formation is a delicate and often frustrating process that requires a small group of people to take in to account boss strategies for 1-15 bosses, group composition and synergy, player skill, attitude, gear level, situational awareness, attunements and a variety of other factors in order to build a successful group.  To that end, we may appoint class leaders to assist the directors in rating the players in their class on items such as gear, skill, awareness and attitude.   We will always strive for fairness for our members who have limited availability or specific personal goals, but we will never put those above the goals of the guild as a whole.  Absolutely no one in this guild is guaranteed a raid slot, not even the Guild Master. No one is guaranteed acceptance to a certain number of raids per week.  What is guaranteed is that we will do what is best for the guild's success.




There are essentially two waitlists, with differing expectations and rewards for each.


1.   If you are waitlisted on the signup sheet, you are expected to meet the same expectations as approved members all the way up to the opening pull. Connection issues and other RL issues will sometimes prohibit approved members from attending at the last minute and we rely on our waitlisted members to be available to fill those spots. Meeting these expectations will earn you 5 DKP. Not meeting these expectations will be considered a “no-show”. Once you meet these expectations you are free to log out and make real life plans. We will never require people to sit online for 3 hours hoping for an invite.


2.   Once the roster is set and the raid begins, an officer will call for people who wish to be on the waitlist while the raid is in progress. You are not expected to hang out outside the instance, but you are expected to remain available through raid time, either on your character, guilded alt, or via some other means (unguilded alt, Battlenet ID, phone number, etc). You must be prepared and willing to step in as soon as possible if we need to sub someone out. Meeting this expectation will earn you an additional 10 DKP.  You must notify an officer immediately if your availability changes.  Signing on to the wait list and not being available shows a tremendous amount of disrespect to the guild members who need your assistance, and will also be considered a “no-show”.




Any successful guild is built upon interpersonal respect and trust.  We have absolutely no tolerance for interpersonal drama in the guild whether it's between guild masters, officers, members, or outside forces.  In the inevitable case that interpersonal conflicts arise, we expect you to handle them quickly, respectfully, and delicately.  If you are unable to handle these conflicts on your own, please bring them, civilly, to the attention of the directors and we will attempt to moderate.  We will not, however get involved in petty squabbles or create factions within the guild.  It is your responsibility to have fun in the game.  Please do not prevent other people from having fun through a lack of respect.  If a member of leadership asks you to stop some particular behavior (chatter in trade chat, derogating another member playfully, etc) then please do so.  Rationalizations are not necessary.


This call to respect may manifest itself in several ways.  The first is simply keeping communication between members above-board and without unnecessary profanity-laced insults.  In fact, respect dictates that we keep profanity out of guild chat and our vent server almost entirely. We also do not tolerate jokes that are directed at a particular gender, race, or sexual orientation.  It's unbecoming of adults.  The second is a sense of calm and peacefulness in a stressful raid environment.  If, for instance, we endure a night of wipes on a particular boss, we expect our members to maintain a light-hearted attitude through the process instead of becoming snippy with one another or pointing fingers. Rely on your officers and raid leaders to assess the problems and iron them out.  This also falls into some of our specific raid rules about keeping Vent clear, etc.  See the raid rules document for specifics on what is or is not acceptable during a raid.  



Public Image


Above all, each member of EndGame is to be an example for the guild both inside and outside organized guild activities.  We have a presence on our server and we expect each and every member to uphold the integrity of that presence.  When people walk out of a PUG with you, we expect them to be thinking "Now THAT is a good guild."  Even if people ninja you or are incredibly irritating, we expect you to handle it with dignity and maturity. It is requested that you report such issues to the Guild Master and trust that s/he will follow up with the offending party or guild if necessary.


Do NOT embarrass yourself or the guild by engaging in immature /trade displays or flame-wars. Do not call out other members of the WoW community on the Echo Isles forums to air your grievances. Do not engage in other guilds’ drama threads. Do not, under any circumstances, troll others on a public forum. Your anonymous alts aren’t always as anonymous as you might think. Engaging in any of these activities will be grounds for disciplinary measures, up to possible dismissal from the guild.



Miscellaneous Issues


We understand that real life comes before the game and that there are factors outside of each person's control that influence raid availability and performance.  Each of these issues will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.  


One such example is an unstable internet connection.  If you have an unreliable connection to the game, it is your responsibility to determine that, and make it known to the leadership. Often, you will simply be asked to stay on the waitlist until you can reliably stay connected. As we move through progression content, it is remarkably unfair to force 24 other people to carry you or, worse yet, wipe because you are unwilling to sit out due to your connection issues.





Each case of a serious violation of these policies will result in individual examination.  If, however, action is deemed necessary by the leadership of the guild, it will generally follow this pattern:

·         First, a formal warning indicating a particular behavior is unacceptable. This will generally come through a private thread on the guild forms.  

·         Second, a deduction of 50 DKP and an optional 1-week denial from raid participation.

·         Third, a deduction of 100 DKP and a mandatory denial for raids for 2 weeks.  

·         Further incidents will results in immediate removal from the guild, as it will be obvious to the leadership that you are not serious about being a member of the EndGame family.



V. Ranks


Guild ranks are mainly a tool for recognizing and acknowledging people within the guild. Higher ranks are given more perks within the guild, such as increased access and higher priority to guild bank items, larger repair allowances, wider consideration for specialty loot drops, etc. While all ranks are ultimately determined by the Guild Master, they are, however, a collaborative process among the leadership.  


1. GM

2. Director

3. Director Alt

4. Raid Leader


5. Core Raider - Core Raiders are the guild's longest tenured, most respected and highest contributing members. They have proven their value and loyalty to the guild over a long period of time.


To become a Core Raider a member must consistently demonstrate strength of moral character and playing ability that is not found in your average player. This person not only has intimate knowledge of their class, but puts forth every effort possible to come to raids geared and prepared. This player consistently contributes to the success of the guild either through leadership duties or raiding. This includes signing up for raids whether the content is new or on farm. Core Raiders maintain a positive attitude at all times, even during intense wipe-nights, and even from the wait list. They show more concern about the betterment of the guild than the betterment of their own toon.


A player becomes a Core Raider by proving these qualities over a period of at least six months. Guild leadership as a whole must be convinced that a player is worthy of Core Raider status and the benefits that come with it.


6. Raider - Raiders are raid-ready and competent for progression content, while maintaining a raid availability in excess of 50%, on average. They display a helpful and positive attitude, and participate in guild chat & forum discussions. In short, they are a positive social force in the guild.


A player must have a minimum 3 months of service in the guild to be considered for Raider status.


7. Member – A player with the rank of “Member” typically falls under one of the following descriptions:

a. …lacks the service time to warrant a promotion yet.

b. …lacks the gear, skill, or time to participate regularly in our progression raid activities.

c. …contributes little or nothing to the social fabric of the guild (ie. half the members say, "is he still in the guild?")

d. …often demonstrates a negative or selfish attitude.


8. Alt


9. Social – The social rank is for long time members who have stepped away from the game for an extended period of time.  Members who spent a significant amount of time in, and demonstrated a great deal of value to the guild will always have a home in EndGame if/when they decide to return to the game.


10. Recruit – All new members are subjected to a 30 day evaluation, at which point they will either be promoted or part ways with the guild.






The responsibilities of the Directors vary, but they are ultimately here to do whatever they can for the benefit of the guild.  They handle the day-to-day maintenance and manage things like the bank, DKP, and event planning.  If you ever need something in the guild or in the game, they are the people to whom you can turn.


The Guild Master has the ultimate responsibility for shaping and enforcing guild policy and direction.  The Guild Master will coordinate with the rest of the leadership to determine the direction and progression steps for the guild.  He/She will oversee the conduct and leadership of the Directors and Class Leaders, and will always be looking out for the success of every member of Endgame.



VI. Recruiting Policy


Recruitment is overseen primarily by the Guild Master and applications are reviewed by Directors and the relevant Class Leader (when deemed necessary by the Directors) only.  As a progression raiding guild with a solid raid core, we will restrict recruitment to positions that are open enough to allow a new recruit a viable shot at a stable raid position.  That is, we will do our best to not invite people for situational roles that will prevent them from raiding at least once a week.  We require our applicants to fill out a brief application letting us know a bit about themselves, their in-game experiences, and how they might fit into the EndGame family.  We are an adults-only guild, and thus require our applicants to be 18 years or older.  The more thorough your application is the better.  We will always strive to provide a formal response to your application within a few days.  You are always welcome to whisper one of our Directors or the Guild Master to find out more about us!



VII. Changing Main Characters


EndGame is a socially-casual guild and we will never tell people what class or spec they need to play. We want you to be comfortable and have fun. However, we are also a progression raiding guild that places certain requirements and expectations on our raiders. If you want to switch to a new class because you need a change of pace, be our guest. Just be aware that if you are a current raider, doing so may effectively set your status back to Recruit. You may lose all priority in our roster selection process until you can prove your value to the raid all over again. If we are already stacked with a particular class it is conceivable that we just won’t have a raid spot for you here anymore, regardless of your previous standing with EndGame.


In short: change classes at your own risk, as you may change yourself out of a raid spot permanently.


You are required to notify the Directors stating your intention to switch characters as early as possible. We ask that you do this out of respect for the guild as a whole. You were recruited as a specific class for a reason, and the group has come to rely on you in a specific capacity. Changing classes without notice could have a detrimental effect on the raid group. For that reason, we ask that you give us the courtesy of some notice so we can make arrangements to recruit a replacement. We will always do our best to accommodate people’s requests, and we will be as honest and up-front about our situation and how it relates to your pending decision.


If you do not make your intentions known to a Director, your new character will not be recognized as your “main”.



VIII. Loot Policy


Endgame uses a modified Suicide-Kings DKP system that allows for those attending the most raids to have the most shots at gear upgrades.  The specifics of our DKP and loot policy are explained in the DKP system document on the website.



IX. Guild Bank Policy


The guild bank is a resource for all members of the guild, but it is a conditional privilege that comes with some responsibility. Unless otherwise specified, items in Tab-1 will generally be available to all members free of charge. This tab will consist of items that are quickly replenished and/or hold little market value. Items in Tabs 2-5 will be of higher value and are offered for sale to guild members at 1/2 the lowest auction house price. If no items are available for price comparison, an average Auctioneer price will be used. Rank will play a large role in determining your eligibility for items in the bank. We will not approve expensive item enhancements, flasks, or expensive pieces of BoE gear for new recruits or members who do not raid with us. The higher your rank, the more consideration you will be given for bank items.



Requesting Items


If you are interested in an item contained in the bank and you are unable to access it directly, you should contact a Director or send an in-game mail requesting the item. The Director will review the request and determine if you are eligible for that request and, if so, what the cost for that request will be.



Don’t Be a Piggy


We expect our members to demonstrate common sense and consideration for their fellow guild mates by being reasonable with their requests. Please remember that you are not the only person in the guild. Someone else may have a need for the same item too. Keep this in mind when you see an entire stack of something. We do not operate under the “finders keepers” rule. Just because you saw it first doesn’t mean you should call dibs on the entire stack. Abuse of the guild bank privilege, in any manner, will result in suspension of that privilege.



Withdrawing For Alts


As a general rule, items in the guild bank are there for the benefit of your raiding main only, not to support your Alt habit. However, low-level gear, quest items and knick-knacks will occasionally find their way into the bank. These items are intended for use by leveling characters. Just exercise common sense when requesting items for your alt. For instance, requesting epic gems for use on a non-raiding alt will probably be viewed as a bad request. However, it is acceptable to inquire about epic gear that has been sitting on the shelf for a long time.



Withdrawal Limits


In an effort to give all of our members an opportunity to benefit from the guild bank, withdrawal limits are in effect for the following items. More items will be added to this list if deemed necessary by the leadership.


·         Flasks – You are limited to 3 flasks per progression raid day

·         Gems – You may be limited to 1 gem per lockout period, depending on current inventory.

·         Rare Crafting Items – The distribution of rare or valuable commodities will be strictly monitored on a case-by-case basis.




Regardless of rank, if you withdraw something from the guild bank to sell or put on the auction house without the permission of the Guild Master, it will be considered a major offense and dealt with harshly. At the very least, your bank privileges will be removed and you will be required to replace the item.



Repair Allowances


Repair allowances are to be used for guild-organized events only (events scheduled through the official guild calendar and organized by guild leadership). The amount of reimbursement will be determined by your rank.

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