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Endgame - DKP Loot System

Originally Conceived:  9-18-2008

Last Updated: 6-23-2015

By: Radriegal




Endgame uses a modified "suicide kings" (or "Spend all") DKP system that rewards players for presence & success, and also spreads loot around the raid group effectively.  DKP standings are administrated through an in-game add-on that will be made available to all players.  As a general rule, this DKP system is in effect only for raid content in the current tier. However, exceptions may be made by guild leadership for the use of DKP in other raid settings as well.


On rare occasions, decisions pertaining to loot will be handled by a limited form of loot council. Please see the section pertaining to loot council below for more detail.


Occasionally, people will be asked to raid on an alternate character for roster composition reasons. DKP earned on alts will be added to the DKP total of that player’s main character. We will not maintain separate DKP pools for mains and alts.



Awarded Points:


As a progression raiding guild, our primary focus will always be on the highest possible content. DKP will be awarded in varying amounts depending on the content, to be determined by the Directors.



All current-tier raids


+15 points for waitlist availability - You will receive 5 points for signing up and being available at the start of raid time. You will receive 10 additional points for being available throughout the raid.  We do not expect you to sit outside the instance, but it is required that you let us know you're available and how to reach you in the event that we need to substitute someone out of the group.


+15 points for each kill of a "farm" boss - These points are awarded for the kill of any boss that we should not have trouble downing. The Guild Master, with input from the Directors and raid leaders, will decide when a boss becomes “farmable”. Typically, a boss is considered “on farm” after 3 successful kills.


+30 points for each kill of a "learning" boss - These points are awarded for the first kill of any boss, and the subsequent couple of kills while kinks are worked out.


+40 points for faction-first kill

+50 points for a server first kill


Additional points will be awarded for wiping on a new boss - In the event that we spend a considerable amount of time on a new boss and are unable to get the boss down, DKP will be awarded to all raiders in attendance. The amount will be determined by leadership on a boss-by-boss basis and will be influenced by the amount of time spent on the boss as well as the general attitude of the group for the evening.


Additional points for guild service, events, etc. - DKP may be used as a reward for guild service, special guild events, or other opportunities.  For instance, if it becomes necessary to farm materials for any reason, we may organize a guild farming night. People may be rewarded with bonus DKP commensurate with the amount of material they provide to the guild.



How DKP is used:


When a boss is killed, no one loots or looks at the items on the boss except the loot master. We do this to avoid loot collusion and circumventing of the DKP system.   Thus, if someone is seen looking at the drops on the boss, they may be made ineligible for any loot from that boss for the run.  If they're caught twice, they will be subject to a DKP penalty.  


The loot master will begin linking items in raid chat (starting with tier pieces first) and say something to the effect of:  "Okay, first item is x.  Please whisper me 'need' to use your DKP." After the whispers come in, the loot master will check the current DKP standings.  The person who whispered need with the most DKP will receive the item, and spend all of their accumulated DKP -- up to the start of that night's raid.  In the event of a DKP tie, players will roll-off for the item and only the winner of the roll will spend their DKP.


All members will be allowed to go “negative 50 DKP” if they have already spent their points for the evening and nobody with a positive amount of DKP needs the item.  This also applies to new recruits who are raiding with EndGame for the first time.  They will whisper “need” as usual but having zero DKP will put them at the lowest priority.  There is no limit to the amount of negative bids that can be placed by a player.  Each subsequent bid will reduce the player’s total by 50 DKP.  The leadership of EndGame would rather see gear distributed to main sets that need it most rather than people’s rarely-used offsets via open roll. 


If no one whispers the loot master "need" for the item, the item will go to open roll for anyone interested in that item – for main set OR off-set.  If you are interested in an item, it is HIGHLY advisable to spend your DKP on the item, as when an item goes to an open roll anyone who can use the item (including for "off" sets) will be encouraged to roll for the item. If you elect not to spend your DKP on an item and you lose it to open roll, DO NOT COMPLAIN TO A DIRECTOR. Your complaints will fall on deaf ears and you will likely be ridiculed by the Guild Master.  In a modified suicide kings system, hording DKP usually does more harm than good for your character.


People are free to roll on gear or spend their DKP in whatever manner they see fit, but we ask that everyone uses common sense and consideration in the process.


·         If an item is an upgrade, please spend your DKP to improve your character instead of rolling the dice on open roll. Chances are, you will lose out to someone rolling for an off-set. Your character, and the performance of our raid, will suffer as a result. Don’t be afraid to spend your DKP, it regenerates quickly.

·         You are free to use your DKP for off-spec equipment, but please be considerate of other people who may need that piece for their main set. Simply telling the Loot Master “Need, if nobody else needs it for their main set” will make you a responsible, respected guildy, while assuring that you don’t lose the piece to open roll.

·         If you experience a string of lucky rolls, please consider passing a piece of gear to a fellow guild mate. Doing so will earn you valuable rep for your EndGame Faction. You’ll also be helping the guild by increasing loot distribution among more people.



DKP/loot collusion will not be tolerated.  If there are reports of people bribing others not to spend their DKP / not roll on items or attempting to collude to make an item go to roll instead of spending DKP, there will be DKP penalties and possibly other disciplinary action.


Loot is to be bid/rolled on for YOUR MAIN CHARACTER ONLY. Loot is NOT to be transferred to another member of the guild without the express consent of the guild’s leadership. Doing so will be considered a major infraction and the penalty for such behavior will be at the sole discretion of the Guild Master.


Special Note: In runs where DKP is being utilized, BoE gear will be available for DKP, but will NOT go to open roll.  If an item is unneeded by anyone in the raid, it will go to the guild bank for other members or to sell for guild expenses. In runs where DKP is not being used, BoE gear will be available in open roll for main sets only – not off-sets. If an item is not need for anyone’s main set, it will go to the guild bank.



DKP tracking


DKP will be managed via an in-game add-on which will be available to all raiders to view real-time information.  It is pseudo-automated.  While the raid leaders do everything they can to ensure the correctness of DKP standings, it is your responsibility to ensure your DKP is correct.  You must notify a director prior to the start of a raid if there is a problem.  We will not sort out DKP during a raid. The "current standings" in the add-on will be used.



DKP decay


In an attempt to prevent hording, and to encourage people to continue raiding reliably, we will implement a DKP decay system.  When any new DKP is accrued it will begin to decay immediately.   This means the faster you spend your DKP, the more it is worth.  This will not have a noticeable impact on those who raid regularly.   Details are currently being worked out and this section will be updated soon with details.



Limited Loot Council


Legendary items and other exceptionally rare drops represent something unique enough to justify a different loot system.  These exceptionally rare instances will be handled by the officers in a loot council system.  Before we ever reach the instances where these items drop, we will indicate for which items the loot council system will be in effect. We will also indicate the criteria by which people will be considered for items.  


Such items may be granted by the officers to the person in the raid who has demonstrated the greatest amount of support, dedication, and service to the guild. It may also be determined that all people above a set attendance level or rank will be considered for such a drop.  The idea is to reward those people who are shining examples for the guild for their intense dedication and support of everyone else.  


It is worth making this exceptionally clear - this is not a way for officers to circumvent the system. Given a predictable level of dedication and commitment, everyone will be eligible for these items.  It is all about maintaining the greatest amount of "fairness" possible within a loot system. We want to reward people who best represent <EndGame> with items of such status. We are not interested in handing out unique items to people who do little to help the guild advance, socially or progression-wise; or who are good candidates to leave the guild next week.


Again, this will be utilized in extremely rare situations only. In the past year it has been used only a handful of times: to distribute the first few Heroic Keys to the Focusing Iris, the Fragments of Val’anyr (to avoid several healers all getting 10 fragments and *none* of them getting the mace), Shadowmourne, rare mount drops, etc.


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